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The Big Unofficial LEGO Builders Book: Build Your Own City

The Big Unofficial LEGO Builders Book: Build Your Own City

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Almost every kid's room has a LEGO® collection these days. Quite a few adults are also addicted to the colorful bricks and are delighted when they're inspired to build something themselves. However, once the bricks end up in a box after tidying, the one thing that tends to be missing is what two LEGO experts, Joachim Klang and Oliver Albrecht, share in this extensive book: ideas!

The authors provide a wealth of suggestions, from the principles of building mutable houses—by suggesting the addition of balconies, windows and rooftop variations, or by modifying the base areas—to how to design and construct an entire department store. Each model, from the smallest car to the most complex helicopter or truck, comes with detailed step-by-step construction guidance. Photographs with loving attention to detail illustrate how to bring an entire city to life by placing pedestrians, arranging trees or by simply providing the inspiration to create ones own buildings or complete city blocks.

After providing explanations and instructions for some advanced building techniques, the book introduces models in "midi" scale to offer quick success and the opportunity to build many models with only a few bricks. Advanced fans will also find themselves pleasantly challenged with five expressive professional models.

Big and small, young and young at heart, this book is for all fans of the fascinating bricks that have been a special part of our lives for generations.

400 pages
Dimensions: 1.2 x 8 x 10 inches

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